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Anonymous asked:

I'm a level 50 storm and I am lacking in the health and resist areas! Help, I try to find stuff online but to no avail! Universal resist is the death of me! HELP!

Hey there! I play as storm all the time so I definitely understand! Sadly, until level 60 waterworks or special dungeon gear you don’t get much of a boost health or universal resist wise, so the best thing to do would just be to try to level to that point!

However, in the mean time it would be super beneficial to take advantage of storms low defense and high offense play style by partnering with a school that could tank and defend for you such as life, ice, or death! Pairing up at this point would probably be the quickest and easiest way to get to level 60!

If you can’t find a partner, then just go slow and make sure to prepare your regular deck and treasure card deck properly between each battle so you’ll have an easier time! For me, I like to carry spare heals and shields in my treasure deck so that I’m better able to stay alive longer.

Best of luck!(=

Anonymous asked:

Hi Ariel, I recently joined wizard 101 and am now a level 23. I currently have access to krokotopia and grizzleheim but I am doing krokotopia first. I haven't got a pet or started crafting. Everything is so overwhelming and I just want to become powerful and successful really fast. I'm a life wizard and I don't really know much about anything like pets, hatching, crafting etc. Basically, it would be really cool if there was one giant tutorial for EVERYTHING all the way up to level 101.

Hi I am the same person and basically I just want to become super powerful and I want to know all about pets and crafting and stuff. I pretty much don’t know anything. I don’t know where to start so I would just like a someone to like film a wizard going from start to finish WITH crafting and pets and houses and all so that they become the most powerful.

Hey there!! I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!! I think youtube would be the best place to go for that, because I think a lot of people there do wizard101 let’s play videos! Aaand our very own @theartofwarlord also has a let’s play (and has something else very exciting in the works..), so definitely keep a look out for that!!
I remember when I first started playing and I was so overwhelmed too! I wouldn’t even worry too much about pets or crafting yet - just take your time, get acclimated, make some friends, and enjoy the game!! Looking back, I think levels 1 to 50 were my favorite levels of the entire game! Everyone starts out new, and I promise you’ll get the hang of everything and become powerful and successful much faster than you think!(=

Also - Wizard101 has a great community all over the place!!! You’ve got us here on tumblr, then there’s twitter, youtube, facebook, and independently run blogs too!! If you ever need help or have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! That’s what we’re all here for!(= 

I hope to see you at some meet ups in the future, and I wish you great luck on your endeavors of becoming powerful and successful!(= If you need any help, send in an ask okay!!!

okidenshi asked:

"make the vid" do you literally just expect me to re-create anything anyone has ever said about morganthe? because I fuckign will

lol thats actually 100% my expectation it kinda goes like this~

anyone in the fandom: *mentions morganthe headcanon*

me: *takes out giant foam finger* *builds giant sign saying @okidenshi* *jumps up and down while gesturing between sign and headcanon and u using foam finger*

me: *waits expectantly*


Anonymous asked:

pls Cyrus craves bull penis

Cyrus looked up, face blushing and panting slightly, surprised by the sound of the door to Diego’s office opening. The smell of horsey phermones filled the air as Diego leaned over Cyrus, Diego’s shirt unbuttoned and Cyrus’s off completely. The door swung open hitting the stone wall behind it hard, startling the two lovers from their promiscuous foreplay pose. Cyrus jumped up, scrambling to find his shirt and hide his pale, lank body from the bull standing in the doorway.

“Diego” the bull growled, “I wouldn’t have come to visit this late if I knew you had such delicious looking company…”

Diego smirked, making no move to get up off of the training mat he had been situated on. 

“You know I’m always one to share with an old friend, El Toro.”